• soontalker Russia

    soontalker Russia is a platform for the language improvement by oral and written practice with native speakers.

    Because soontalker Russia is also a social network, you can search the tutors or students that match your criterias, create voice and video recordings, share your photos and stories with the other members of the platform.

    You use soontalker Russia because you want to work directly with native speakers and also because you want to discover their culture, what they do in their everyday life.

  • Native speakers

    Most of the tutors of soontalker Russia are people like you but located in the main country of the language studied.

    Most of them are not teachers, but they know their language.

    No matter your level you will improve yourself if you work directly with the tutors.

    The platform is also an excellent way to make new friends overseas.

  • How it works?

    soontalker Russia is a platform dedicated to the practice of a language.

    If you are a beginner, you will learn by practicing step by step with the tutors. Try to pronounce a few sentences, you will receive tips and grades from your tutors.

    After a few tries you will start to understand what your tutors are expecting and your skill will improve.

    We also provide you multiple tools to communicate with your tutors (chat messenger with webcam and microphone, inbox...).

  • International

    The SoonTalker network includes 10 different versions, each of them is based on one language and one country.

    With a single account, you can access to all the versions of SoonTalker, but we advise you to focus to only one language.